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We know you’ve been waiting for a revolutionary product like ours and we are so sorry it took us this long. But alas, we are finally here and you can now take on your next adventure with the full confidence that you’ll have all you need to make it another great one.

All You Need Is A Bottle You no longer need to carry around bottles of water when next you’re going on an escapade, all you need is a bottle. Neat Jug manufactures and sells personal UV water purification systems, at a price so good it is almost as free as, well, water! Our proven UV technologyis a game changer. Our water purification bottles are the perfect accessory for hikers, mountain climbers, kayakers, paddle boarders and campers. If you are going to be near a water source but far from a store, you will need a bottle that will purify your water quickly and cheaply, leaving you refreshed wherever you go.

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